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Seydel Harmonica

Usually when I’m done with all my works, first, check my instruments then sit down and start messing with the guitar and then with the other ones but, I will not end my day without playing the Seydel harmonica which was given to me by my son-in-law. Playing music with harmonica is one way to relieve my stress and depression, to relax my muscle tension. This is a portable, great and easy instrument for anyone to learn and the technique of playing can be applied to other keyboard instruments.

Best Gift For A Mother

Looking for something special for your one-of-a-kind mom? Yes, it’s really hard to find something special to the person that is very important in your life. Well as a mother, a ring is the perfect gift for me. My sweet daughter I’m giving you the idea of what I am longing for. I don’t want to make it hard for you; here is some of the best selection of mothers rings that I really like it, lol.

Moog Theremin

We all live on these modern musical instruments and dj mix player; now let’s try something really good with high quality sounding theremin in the world of music creation. I am sure you’ve never seen like this before and you will always love the moog theremin . Nothing to worry about it just enjoy and use your inspiration to start your music with moog theremin.

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Know what? My friend got the KRK Rokit studio monitor and perfectly gives him an amazing sound quality and accuracy that have been shared by rokit in the industry for over a decade. After so many years, this is the very first time that my friend made an excellent and wise decision in his life; choosing rokit to get into his career makes him very successful.

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Lumpiang Sariwa (Fresh Lumpia)

Lumpiang Sariwa or fresh lumpia is one of my favorite Filipino dishes with full of veggies that requires a long day preparation for a very satisfying taste. Here are the ingredients of my favorite dish, it’s really good!


For the Filling:
* 2 cups julienned or diced Potatoes
* 2 cups julienned or diced carrrots
* 2 cups julienned or diced Sweet Potatoes
* 2 Diced Turnip/Jicama
* 1 cup sliced Extra Firm Tofu
* 1 can of Peeled Garbanzo Beans
* 2 cups Julienne Green Beans
* 2 cups Bean Sprouts
* ground black pepper and salt to taste
* 1/3 lb ground pork
* 1/3 lb shrimp, peeled, deveined and minced
* Lettuce (Washed and thoroughly dried)
* Lumpia Wrapper (available at most Asian stores)
* Chopped Onions
* 2 tbsp Minced Garlic
* 3 tbsp Oil for frying

For the Sauce:
* 4 cups Water
* ½ cup Soy Sauce
* ½ cup Brown Sugar
* 3 tbsp. Corn Starch

* Deep fry the tofu
* In a separate pan, sauté the garlic and onions, add ground pork, shrimp
* Once tender, add the potatoes, and sweet potatoes
* Once tender, add the carrots and green beans
* Once tender, add the jicama, garbanzo beans and bean sprouts
* Sprinkle a little bit of brown Sugar and salt
* Mix until all ingredients are tender
* Add the fried tofu to the rest of the ingredients
These vegetables need to be fried but not crisped up. They should be fried til half cooked. Set aside or refrigerate once cooled if needed for the other day.

* In a pot, heat the water and soy sauce
* When almost boiling, add brown sugar
* In a bowl, mix corn starch and water, add to the pot
* Fresh garlic
* Keep mixing until sauce is creamy

* In a lumpia wrapper, place the dry lettuce in the center
* Add about 3-4 tablespoon of filling
* Wrap the filling and seal it with dissolved corn starch in water

* sauce
* grounded peanuts
* garlic


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Write Music On The Computer

As long as music is around and music is good I’m so happy because music is my life. One of the best experienced is having a great time in writing music that I never tried like this before.  Now music lessons can be at home or online where I am currently learning a lot on how to write music on the computer. This is one way of supporting others and giving us the chance to develop and learn fast and simple in the field of writing music.

Fishman Rare Earth pro Rep 102

Finally I made the right decision of paying the good brand which is the fishman rare earth pro rep 102, this is the only one of my musical equipment of good quality that has warmer, naturally full humbucker acoustic tones. Of course a guitarist or any musicians is aiming to have a good device to plug in to any instruments and the fishman rare earth pro rep 102 is the best for my acoustic guitar. I really enjoyed using my guitar now.

Platinum Wedding Rings

Ever since, I am very much fascinated with high grade platinum. I am contented for just seeing the beautiful selections of wedding and engagement rings and I can’t able to resist looking at them. Be one of the unique partners when it comes to your special part of your life, always choose the best that is something durable, elegance and romantic. You have a good taste if you choose for platinum wedding rings with 95% purity.

Cabinets Organizers

Everyone has hopes of having fabulous kitchen and cabinets regardless how big and small your space is. Don’t make an issue about your limited space; there are cabinets organizers from ovisonline that will help your kitchen looks so cute, clean, wider space that your child can even play and run around the house. With my cabinet organizers, I saved space, money and got good credits from my friends with the uniqueness of my kitchen.

Nobody is Perfect

I remember when I had a conversation with my Professor in World Literature actually it’s a discussion for our class. We are discussing about Figure of speech and we are in oxymoron. Oxymoron is about the combination of contradicting terms. And my Professor gave us an example, it is the saying in one of the local movies here in our country. Practice Nobody is Perfect so why Practice?
It’s a little odd that this saying has been revised into this funny new words. My Professor ask us to explain this according to what we understand about it. So I took my chance and take the floor. I started my answer with a very deep breath and so I began. As a student. I see studying as an example of a daily practice. I go to school to practice my own knowledge and skills. But as to say I don’t go to school to be perfect. I go to school because someday I want to be successful. I want to finish my studies in order to help my family. I go to school everyday because it makes me happy. School as a practice is one of my passions in life. I never dream to finish my studies to be perfect for I believe that God is the only person that it perfect. And for me it’s not about being perfect but being who you are and going to that place where you want to be. You don’t have to be perfect to be happy cause I also believe in the saying I heard a long time ago that “Imperfections makes a Person Perfect”.
Nobody is Perfect but we still need to practice to be happy and to reach our dreams . We shouldn’t let that saying affect our own way of living. Live life to the fullest. Live to Live.

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