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I love listening to music ever since and I am very much interested with any unique sounds of musical instruments such as the sound coming out from the Cajons . At first I really don’t think that cajons is an music instrument but I am amazed when I saw they just play only with a cupped hand and finger tips then it produces good sound I mean really an amazing sound that anyone will love it.

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Rain barrels

Climate change! sometimes we can feel, see and suffer from any of its changes. In summer, expect the hottest season, i know ladies hate sun exposure they might get burnt bright red like a lobster.  For me the perfect season is the wet or the rainy season. It is from the rain that i can lessen and save my water bills, i stock it to my rain barrels . Yes I have three rain barrels and it is really a big help for cutting down my bills. There is a downside of the rain, the storm but very supportive in my life. I love rain stocking to my rain barrels.

American Idol 2012 season 11 Winner

After a long long journey to the final showdown, according to American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, the 21-year old Georgia native earned the majority of a record 132 million votes cast after last night’s final performance episode.

Phillip Phillips defeated Jessica Sanchez and he is now the official and crowned American Idol winner for 2012 season 11.

A tearful Phillips performed his coronation song “Home” , after accepting his trophy from last year’s winner, Scotty McCreery

While singing a confetti rained down the stage.

more and more confetti.

then he walk towards the audience,

This is it, congratulations PHILLIP PHILLIPS the 2012 season 11 American Idol winner, keep it up the good work, Idol.

Wish you luck Jessica you are always a winner.


Americam Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips Final Showdown

This the big night for the 2 American idol finalist Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips.  Everyone awaits for this big night who will be the big winner? Once again for the last time, the two finalist;

Whatever will be the result each group is hanging for their idols to win. Whoever bits for Jessica Sanchez or Phillip Phillips just wait and pray for their good luck. It’s just like yesterday that  day from now No matter what, they are both the winner.

For the final showdown, Jessica and Phillip competed in three rounds. They both performed the first song which was chosen by  the American Idol  creator Simon Fuller.  Jessica was the one who first called to sing “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston.


Phillip Phillips performs “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King’s.

Randy says that Jessica tops the first round.

For Round 2, Jessica and Phillips chose their favorite songs of the season: Jessica picked Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s “The Prayer”.

While Phillip performed Billy Joel’s “Movin’ Out.”

This time goes again to Jessica say Randy, but according to Jennifer it is even.

And for Round 3, they chose the songs that they would release as singles if they won the competition:
Jessica performed “Change Nothing”.

and Phillip sang “Home.

Wow Phillip performance is fantastic, judges give him an standing ovation and big applause.

So we’ll find it out who is going to win it all in one of the tightest finale races in Idol history?


American Idol 2012 season 11 top 3 elimination

One more glance to your favorite idol.

The competition is almost to end. Expect each of them to show their good and best performance as ever in the field of singing.  This time Jessica performs the Mariah Carey song “My All”. I don’t want to compare the two, but Mariah had proven us her never ending success in the field of her singing career. Now it’s time for Jessica Sanchez to shine. She managed to sing well the Mariah song “My All”  even though it sounds as if she has a sore throat. People hope and pray she’ll be in the Final 2 of the American Idol. Can’t hardly wait for the result night.

Jessica also performs, “I’ll be there” and “I don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

Joshua Ledet performs the Elton John’s song , “Imagine”. He has a great voice and best singer, but this time it did not  fit him the song “Imagine”. Also he performs the songs “No More Drama” and I’d Rather Go Blide”.



Phillip Phillips performs the song by Bob Seger, “We’ve got Tonight”. He is an amazing singer, he sings in very unique way and how talented he is.


They are all good. They are all unique in their styles, the way of singing, stage presence and everything. They really deserved it. It doesn’t matter who wins the competition. All of them would be great artists and singers. At least, they all did their best, sang their heart out, and with that, they’ve just proved that they’re all worthy and are American idols.

After their performances, The final 2 revealed, the first one who are called to compete for the season 11 finale is Jessica Sanchez and against Jessica is Phillip Phillips.

Top 2 finale.

Joshua was eliminated.

Good luck to your next journey Joshua Ledet. You’re not a loser still your the best, you have such a great talent.


American Idol 2012 season 11 Top 4 Elimination Result

It is another big fight night for the 4 American idol. Each of them must showed up all their best talent for these tough competition night. Once again look at the 4 candidates. Phillip Phillips, Hollie Cavanagh, Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez.

Rumors said that Joshua will not win because of favoritism for Jessica, peoples favorite… well she have the talent and people like her. Maybe your right, I’m wrong, maybe she is the one, the American idol. For Phillip or Hollie, I’m afraid one of them can’t make tonight. Who ever among the two will be eliminated, you did your best and still your one of the best singer and performer.

Now the result for the top 4 elimination night. Phillip Phillips is the one who was first called to the center, followed by Hollie Cavanagh, next is Joshua Ledet and followed by Jessica Sanchez.

Waiting for Ryan Seacrest to announce the result, I can feel the fast beats of their heart, it’s getting faster and faster. Now it’s time to reveal who will say goodbye.    Filipino-Mexican-American contestant Jessica Sanchez  and Joshua Ledet declared as safe. So it’s between the two, Hollie Cavanagh or Phillip Phillips.


I like Phillip…not usually my kind of music but i thought about it and he is the only one i would pay to see. I think he would have a foot stomping fun to be at kinda show.

Hollie Cavanagh has visited the bottom seat numerous times. And yet, Hollie has shocked us surviving each time. Now did she do the same tonight? No matter who wins it will not make everyone happy.

Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips were survived this week’s elimination,  and are now part of American Idol 2012 Season 11′s Top 3.

Yes it’s Hollie Cavanagh who didn’t make it for the top 3, we have to say goodbye to this lady who showed up her best and hopefully more projects to come. Reaching top 4 is not bad as compared to her last year performance. You’ve done a lot Hollie and your are not far from the top and I am sure your dreams will come true…

NO regrets seen on her face instead it’s happiness. Good luck Hollie.


Bluehost wordpress

I am one of those who spending my time to read blogs of my friend, read my favorite topics that interest me. Later on I just found myself creating my personal blogs for almost a year now. Expressing my  thoughts and feelings. Lately I’ve learned also that once you have a website it should be hosted and I have chosen the bluehost wordpress for my blogs. I don’t know really how work the bluehost in hosting and since it is highly recommended by my daughter, it simply means it works good.

American Idol 2012 season 11 top 5 elimination night

After the tough competition of the top 5 finalist last Wednesday night of the 1960′s songs and Brit pop, Is it a shocking result for tonight’s elimination? Whom you voted out for this elimination night, Jessica? Joshua? Skylar? Phillip or Hollie? I think it’s another big surprise that awaits you. Now last chance to take  a look at with the 5 finalist. We can’t really rely on their performance, it’s coming from your vote people of America.

Who will be at the bottom 2? Who among them will go home tonight? Predictions it was Phillip to go home? Skylar and Jessica might be at the bottom of 2? Joshua and and Hollie might be safe?

Who knows just watch this who will make it to the top 4. After the Thursday night close competition, one idol known to be the best idols was called in the center and Joshua Ledet is safe. Next called to the center are Hollie Cavangh and Phillip Phillips, Hollie is in the bottom of 2 and Phillip is safe. The next are Skylar Laine and Jessica Sanchez, where Jessica is safe and Skylar is in the bottom of 2.

Now it is down to Hollie and Skylar. Hollie was called in the bottom for the 5th time and Skylar is on it’s 3rd time. Well who among the two will be eliminated? Sorry for those who Favorited SKYLAR  LAINE , she is eliminated.

Skylar you’ve gone so far and I am sure this will not be the last to hear from you. Wish you all the luck Skylar you entertained us so much.


Misting fan

It’s summertime but how will i enjoy this summer vacation it is getting too hot. I want to enjoy the bright sunshine.  Every day I wake up and look out to the most amazing views. Usually we stay in our garden sitting on the swing and feel the fresh air. Times like this summer we can still experience the freshness of the air with the use of misting fan . This misting fan will help to driven away the summer heat. This is the most economical, affordable and safe to use outdoor.