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My best friend

Others don’t even know the meaning of best friend, when we have a friend we consider them automatically it’s our best friend. He then became one of my best friends. We were classmate in high school and college. We live in the same place. I love him as my brother and I am very glad he showed to me. We work in different company. We are both busy. We go on weeks, months without seeing each other, but I know he is always the best of friends to me. You are my best friend in life and you are my best friend in death. I must say the things that I cherish most, Is the time we get to spend together. YOU are my BEST FRIEND and that’s the way it will ALWAYS be. YOU are always there for me from BEGINNING to END. Love you my friend.

Baby, i love you

Baby i love you because your always smiling , your so sweet with me , i could tell you really love me and you must feel it. I will treat you the right way and if there are something you don’t like about me open up and let me know,  i will try to correct myself but don’t forget that loving you can’t change me but maybe change things about me i wish i was perfect and that accident i had in 2005 really made me think how it is to enjoy life and to be happy with the one you love,  sometimes you think you love her or you think you are loved but your not,  i found out after my accident that i was alone in my life she wasn’t there for me i past 34 years with her and maybe 5 years without her i was alone all the rest of the time ,  alone i could feel it now i think when i found you i’m sure i found the right one for me i’m  very happy when i’m with you, i know i love you to be around me i love your smile and your ways since i met you and baby i will do my best for you i will take care of you be there for you and baby never never forget this, don’t be shy with me you need to ask or do
something do it or ask me.
baby i’m yours right and your mine so we must open up to each other . Baby , i love you more than anything else , you are my life. I love you , baby.

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I love my busy mom

In her memory, my mom is just like other mom who are always busy for her entire life. I admired mostly how she handle things smoothly. She was a teacher in secondary grade at the same time a mother of 3 girls. Since my father was a Philippine Air Force, and he usually assigned to other places, so my mom was then the mother and the father for us.  She was able to raised us with good moral and values in life. But i couldn’t imagine how she handled the whole house specially our kitchen so neat and organized. It is very hard to be able to keep the house clean and uncluttered if we are out all day, and when we get home we must give our children our undivided focus. Some things could be pushed off till the weekend, yet other things, such as laundry, food preparation, as well as standard hygiene need to be looked after on a constant and day-to-day basis. Just about the most important places to help keep clean and tidy kitchen. An overly dirty kitchen can be a health hazard, not to mention the uncomfortable smell and setting that it can make. But my busy mom keep her kitchen always the way it should be, i never ever seen our kitchen dirty, everything was organized. I admired her too much.

Sisterly relationship

We are the three sisters , long hair below the waist , gap ages 4 years  and 3 years and people called us the “tres marias” in our home town. Although we were brought up by our parents with good morals and values we were not become so close as others for the reason that i always fight with them . Fighting with them does not mean i don’t love them. I showed them that i am stronger than them but deep inside i am the weakest among us. Fighting with them was my outlet to show that i am very strong but they don’t know that i’m crying inside . I rather be hurt and not my sisters or any member of my family that i know i can handle it and i don’t like one of my immediate family knows my sufferings , i can keep it secret for the whole of my life just not sister and family get hurts. I am willing to sacrifice myself for the whole of my life for the sake of my family. I love them so much, they are deep inside  my heart and in my soul.

What i miss in my childhood days?

Yes , i really miss my childhood days and i wished i could go back at the age when i was 13th.  I miss those days and  they will never come back. I will never have the advantages a child has. I can no longer play on the swing, run like crazy. I can no longer run to my household chores , I can never run from my mom, I can no longer sit at home for months. I will never hear my mom saying i’m the most stubborn, hardheaded child she had. I miss the punishment of my mom especially when not letting me to go to school because of my stubbornness. I miss my dad who was my saviour , I loved my childhood and miss it. I am free of everything , no worries , no problems , no big responsibilities. And if i could start it all over again now , i will. Everything was full of magic , full happiness that anyone will really miss the childhood back then. I still see the beauty in things, but I don’t feel the same now. Childhood really is special, especially when i fell in love with my crush, he was so special for me that moment but he ignored my feelings. If only i’ve given a chance to choose which life i want to have now, i rather choose my childhood life, i really miss and love it .

Long distance love affairs

Everyone knows that all courtship and marriages can start somewhere, everywhere. Most often it’s a boy who meets girl at the school cafeteria, office party, in the church, a casual greetings, a warm handshake, and now in the net. Then there will be a special kind of chemistry may develop to each other. And if so lucky wedding ceremony will to come and live happily ever after? Who says it is impossible to meet the love of your life through the mail? net? I have heard it happen to other people , but i never thought that it could be as real as i wanted to happen to me. It was all that happened last year, 2010 and would you believe we feel we’ve known each other for a long time and hopefully we will be seeing each other soon, as if this is real but it was all a nightmare. Well, for me nothing really impossible in love , with God’s help and blessings.

Effective marketing

You must be able to back up your claims and produce exactly as what you say.  Majority of your business sales and profits come from repeat customers, after all. Therefore, it must reflect exactly what your business can deliver for the customers and build its reputation from there. If you cannot produce quality product or services, you’d never be able to turn your marketing campaigns into a sales force.
Therefore, you need to be as sensitive to your customer’s needs as possible. But only to a certain point that you still hold control over the image and reputation that you want to exhibit. One of the most effective ways to build trust among your customers is to be consistent. It is very important when exhibiting the values that are key and essential in your company. Then, focus on every aspect of your business to ensure that it remains consistent with the values professed by your company and that they make a good representation of the company’s concept.